The Jingo Brothers Bio

Steady Eddy and Jolly Jingo met in 2012 at a festival in Queensland. Jolly Jingo was about to perform but the sound tech hadn’t turned up… As it happened, Steady Eddy was in the audience, so Jolly Jingo asked him if he could do a 10-minute stand-up comedy spot to keep the crowd entertained. Luckily for everyone—he did!

When the tech turned up, Jolly Jingo started playing his set and spontaneously asked Steady Eddy to join him. The result was a brilliant performance and the start of something really special. They have an amazing connection and would get together a few times each year at festivals as a combined gig.

As irony flooded in like a Darwin high tide, the truth was revealed that they were actually true brothers lost at birth. As fate would have it, they’d found each other and realised why it was and why fate had kept them apart for so long. Hence, the reason why Jolly Jingo and his wife are now living in Gympie closer to family connections…

The Jingo Brothers are a uniquely pioneering musical comedy act similar to Dudley Moore and Peter Cooke’s Derek & Clive.  There is no other act like it in Australia.

They share their original music and comedy to appreciative audiences Australia-wide leaving them in stitches from laughter. Steady Eddy plays the harmonica and drums and sings in the gigs while Jolly Jingo sings and plays guitar. The connection between the two is electrifying and can be felt most profoundly when watched live on stage.